Child in Bloom’s Top Ten List for Potty Training Trouble Shooting…

1.  Follow the Child’s Lead and allow for a lot of Exploration and Questions
2. Design a Storyline of how this might happen… Read it a lot!!
3. Release your Inner Germaphobe and Clean Freak...
This is germy and filled with messes!  Know that there will be messes
4. Focus on Saying… No Big Deal a lot to train your brain to be laid back about this…
5. As the Weather Warms Up go outside a lot and let kids where long t-shirts or dresses so their is less mess and quick access to the potty… bring the potty with you or simply hose them off 🙂
6.  Practice makes perfect so make sure your child is drinking lots of fluids so it is happening at regular intervals for practice
7. Let them watch their family and friends go potty… this is normal 🙂
8.  Invest in a few tools that work... old fashioned rubber underwear that they can feel the wetness, a soft cushy potty for the big potty so it is comfortable, a stool to put their feet on for balance and security, and a mini potty for every floor of your house and maybe even the car 🙂
9.  If you are do a reward system…Don’t try to make it have a specific end… make it more open ended and fluid so you can reward as you go along and as they go through the ups and downs of training.
10.  This is about training you more than them… Pay attention… and set the timer to help you remember it’s time to try.