Child in Bloom

One Shining Moment

Don’t miss your child’s one shining moment… it could be your moment to shine too…

It’s march madness around our house, and time to cheer on our teams to victory.  In the end there will be one team that gets the title, wins it all and has the big moment. The song that they will play to commemorate this season of madness will focus on all the little moments that mean a lot and add up to one great season of basketball.

As a parent, are you so busy looking for the big victory that you overlook the one shining moment that could change the course of your child’s day.

Your 4th grader begs you to shoot hoops in the backyard, you say, “I can’t I am busy designing plays so your little league basketball team and I can win that big trophy at the end of the season.”   To your daughter, the “big trophy” might be the smile on her face as she beats you in a game of h-o-r-s-e.

Your 3 year old brings you his favorite book to read, and you say, “I can’t I have to check my email one more time in case I closed that big deal.” To your three year old the “big deal” might be the story they’ve waited for all evening.

Your teenager leaves his messy room, climbs up onto the kitchen counter and tries to engage you in a conversation about something that happened at school today, but you say, “Can I just have a moment to myself, I have to cook for this big event in our neighborhood.”  To your teenager the “big event” might be the conversation he needs to have with you about the peer pressure he has been feeling at school lately.

Many times we are so focused on the big stuff (trophies, titles, deals, and events) that we over look the small shining moments. These small moments may lead us into closer communion with our child.

Be present as you walk through your days of parenting so that you don’t overlook your time to shine as a beacon of love to your child.  It could be your one shining moment.

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