Child in Bloom

Imagine … “Me Last”

The following phrases are normal responses from your toddler, preschooler or maybe even your grade school child.

“I want to be the boss!”

“I want the best toy!”

“I don’t like to share!”

“I get the biggest cookie!”


Remember that at these developmental stages your child is literally the center of their own universe.

They plan on having their way no matter what.

You, on the other hand have a different plan.  You are hoping that they will turn out to be compassionate, caring and kind. You shutter when you hear the above responses because you know they don’t match this plan.

How do you help your child work through the MINE MINE MINE mentality so that they can get along with others?

How about instilling this house rule?…

 ‘Me First’ always goes last

What does that mean?

If you claim it first …. you will most certainly have it last.

If you grab the biggest piece first …. you will most definitely have the smallest piece on your plate later.

If you yell “me first” as you race to stand in line …. you will be heading to the end of the line without a doubt.

This approach will go against your child’s natural will to survive.  He will not like playing second fiddle to his friend or brother.  She will hate being last in line to get a treat.  However, if you instill a natural tendency to allow others to step in front of you, I believe you are on your way to helping your child bloom into the gentleman or gentle lady you have dreamed them to be.  Instead of saying “Mine Mine Mine”, they may start to say, “What do you need?”“ What do you want?” “ How can I help?””What can I share?”

Imagine a kindergarten class filled with children who step back and let another child take the lead.

Imagine a group of teenagers patiently waiting until everyone else is served before grabbing the last piece of pizza.

Imagine a world where children and adults instinctively think of their neighbor before they think of themselves…

Imagine ME LAST…

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