Would you like someone to offer a fresh perspective to your Parenting or Teaching Approach?  Contact The Fresh Perspectives from Child in Bloom


Connect with a Child in Bloom Coach in person via one on one coaching sessions and small group meet-ups.


Work with a Child in Bloom Coach to design family ministry programs that draw families into your church and support them as they parent through their child’s growing years.

Child Care Providers and Teachers

Gain assistance in supporting positive behaviors and parents within your school setting. We can observe and consult with educators and also support home to school behavior and learning plans.

Families who have a child with special needs or a child who is gifted

Call upon a Child in Bloom Coach, and we can help you work through your child’s individual concerns.

Single Parents

Get extra support and another observer to give you advice. We will brainstorm ways to add order and peace to the hectic world of parenting on your own

Divorced Couples

We can be a mediator to help guide both parents in the family to a consistent system that fits the children’s needs.  We can help make things work in all settings across your life.


Gather ideas and resources from a Child in Bloom Coach that will help you support your adult children as they parent the next generation in your family.

Home School Parents

Find more time to focus on your child’s learning goals as we help you set up routines, boundaries and systems that support positive behaviors.

Families from Outside the Midwest Area

Connect with a Child in Bloom Coach via phone or video, and get expert advice no matter where you live.


Add to your patient care and support by referring families to Child in Bloom for parent coaching.

Human Resource Directors

Offer Child in Bloom Programming at your Corporation as you look for ways to support your employees who are working parents.