"I had no idea a real life "supernanny" was at my fingertips. I'm so thankful that my pediatrician's office recommended Renee. She is way better than the Supernanny! She helps our family by providing more than one solution and guides us to pick what we think will work best for us. Using Renee as a resource can help you and your family so much." ... Amanda mother of two.

""These parenting workshops couldn't have come at a better time! I finally feel like I have the tools to help me parent in a more positive and productive way. The small group setting really allows everyone an opportunity to express specific scenarios/situations that are REAL and happening in our homes."Lynne G. mother of two girls

"Last year, I met Renee Mattson, a fantastic parenting coach that teaches great parenting techniques right in your own living room. So if you've ever had a "mom moment" when you felt like, "I don't know what I'm doing" or "Someone just tell me what to say" then Renee can help! She has a long list of credentials and every time I hear her speak, I learn something that's immediately applicable and practical..." mother of school age children

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