Just wanted to tell you thank you. I have been struggling over my silent reading time all year. It’s been so inconsistent and my assistant always lets them do other things than read and so we never establish a good habit even though we have a routine in place. I’m always running around putting out fires, stop talking sit away from your friends, get your own book.  Yesterday we sat in a meeting they told me all the expectations and rules and then we voted on a consequence of what would happen if they weren’t following the rules. They picked an extra work instead. I prepped a book report paper to fill out.  I said we were going to practice again tomorrow. So right now I’m sitting with a silent class following all the same expectations I’ve had all year!! Haha. Thanks for the reminder to model and practice when it’s not working even when I “assumed” they knew what was expected.  Even the last week of school we can still fix bad habits. 🙂

You are always so helpful to me as a parent and teacher. Ever thought about doing a podcast? I need your reminders every day. Haha
Have a great summer