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Renee Mattson M.Ed.  is a master educator who has spent close to 30 years in the field of education and parenting support.  She is a licensed intervention specialist for learning, behavior and gifted needs and  a master parent coach trained through the Family Infant Preschool Program and through her doctoral research on the topic of educational collaboration and coaching . Renee  is a mother to three grown children who were and continue to be her best teachers.  She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband Toby Mattson. 

     Beyond connecting to little people, Renee also has a passion for teaching adults so they can support the children in their lives.  Her whole career Renee has said she wishes she had three feet… One that is on the doorstep of homes supporting moms and dads, one that is on the doorstep of schools supporting teachers in their important work with children and one that is on the doorstep of the university where she can pass along what she has learned to the next generation of educators. 

    Renee’s passion for children and the adults who love and work with them comes from a profound interest in pausing to problem solve so that we meet the needs of all children and in turn help parents and educators gain confidence, capacity and competence so that they can improve the function and fun of their setting.  

     Renee’s work is grounded in teaching, modeling and practicing and it zero’s in on the positive outcomes that naturally occur when adults become more responsive to the child sitting in front of them.  Renee encourages adults to PAUSE into their work with children and release out of the fight so that they can step back and teach, model and practice what they wish it could look like.  

Renee’s workshops and coaching sessions for parents and educators are based on practical strategies that can be embedded and followed the very next day.  Her motto is “Let’s get busy making little changes that can create BIG Shifts!”

Renee supports parents and teachers of children ranging from toddler to teen and everything in between.   She also helps families who have adult children. 

     Her focus is one of co-regulated parenting and teaching which encourages adults to pause and look ahead so that they can design an environment that supports the best of what a child has to offer their family and classroom.  Her approaches are balanced and based upon teachable moments between adult and child. Renee believes that adults need to assume nothing and teach, model, and practice everything.  She offers parents and teachers a balanced approach that is clear, matter of fact, and encourages self-regulation of the adult and child.

 Parents who hear her presentations walk away saying, “I could listen to Renee all day.” or “Wow! I finally have some practical tools in my back pocket!”  

Renee presents to large and small groups and focuses much of her practice on individual observations and conversations in person or on the phone.

Renee has worked with more than 1,000 families.  She has supported preschools, primary schools, middle schools, and  high schools in providing professional development workshops and coaching to teachers and parent involvement programming that mirrors what teachers have learned. 

Renee also works hand in hand with churches and businesses that strive to provide parent support programming.

Child in Bloom’s greatest success stories come from one on one coaching practices where parents and teachers get the individualized help they need to sustain success. 

Get to Know Renee… your new friend in parenting and teaching

Link to Renee Mattson’s Curriculum Vita

  • Licensed intervention specialist for learning and behavior needs within public and private schools around Ohio and Kentucky,
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Special Education at Miami University, Ohio
  • Master Coach trained through the Family Infant Preschool Program (a research based program used for early intervention in every county in Ohio).
  • Current Doctoral Scholar at The University of Cincinnati