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Too Much Talking TEACH
Assume it is our job as parents and teachers to help kids figure out how to do this… and by this, I mean everything! So focus much of your work with children around teaching and when I say this, I don’t mean lecturing in the moment, telling kids to STOP it.
I mean pausing outside of the moment and taking a minute to teach them using less words and more true connections.
disability MODEL
When in doubt draw it out! Don’t just teach with words. Add to your descriptions by using visuals (drawings, lists, charts and demonstration) so that the learning and experience comes to life. The visuals will solidify the plan and serve as a buffer between you and the child and can later be pointed to so that you don’t spend all your time pointing at your child.
Remember, kids are in process, still blooming and because they aren’t done growing, they will need many chances to PRACTICE new behaviors. In the beginning, they will mess up when they learn a new replacement behavior. Give kids a chance to FAST FORWARD and look ahead, PAUSE and take a break, and when they mess up, allow them to REWIND and try again.
Spend more time catching children being good. Notice when they recover. If they reconcile with a sibling make it part of their positive storyline. Make sure to catch the moments when they hold it together. These positive moments can often get overshadowed by loud, obnoxious, and bothersome negative behaviors. If you want the positive behavior to show up more notice it more than you notice the negatives.

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