Our core values

happyfamily TEACH
Assume it is our job as parents and teachers to help kids fill in the gaps of their understanding and development and we do this best by teaching outside of the situation with less words and more true connections.
cibsos-1 MODEL
When in doubt draw it out! Don’t just communicate with your kids and students with words and lecture. Use visuals charts and pictures to help what they are learning, and experiencing come alive.
Too Much Talking PRACTICE
Kids are in progress, remember they aren’t done yet with their growing and learning and so we need to give them a chance to FAST FORWARD and look ahead to remind themselves about what they are supposed to act like in this scene.
Spend more time catching your students and children’s tiny bits of progress. Notice when they recover, reconcile and reboot more than you notice when they lose their minds and these positive actions are more likely to repeat.

Fresh Perspective From Child In Bloom

Connect with a Child in Bloom Coach in person via one on one coaching sessions and small group meet-ups.
Work with a Child in Bloom Coach to design family ministry programs that draw families into your church and support them as they parent through their child’s growing years.
Gain assistance in supporting positive behaviors and parents within your school setting.
Call upon a Child in Bloom Coach, and we can help you work through your child’s individual concerns.
Get extra support and another observer to give you advice.
Connect with a Child in Bloom Coach via phone or video, and get expert advice no matter where you live.