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These parenting workshops couldn't have come at a better time! I finally feel like I have the tools to help me parent in a more positive and productive way. The small group setting really allows everyone an opportunity to express specific scenarios/situations that are REAL and happening in our homes. Lynne G. (mother of two girls)
As a professional who works with children of all ages and a mother of two, I have found Child in Bloom's ideas and suggestions practical and extremely helpful. I have incorporated many of the strategies into my daily routines both at home and at work. Child in Bloom coaches provide guidance in a kind, caring and warm manner leaving you feeling empowered not judged. I am grateful for their expertise and the many amazing tips I have learned from Child in Bloom that have made daily life with the kids flow more smoothly! Melissa Child Therapist and Mother of Two
Thank you for traveling to Columbus to speak to our MOPS group. It was a pleasure to have you present at both our morning meeting and the evening workshop with husbands. Several of our moms have mentioned that their husbands have been trying out some of your “tricks” :) You do an excellent job conveying good parenting strategies. Everyone walks away with new ideas and feeling energized… Awesome! Kara MOPS Event Coordinator
Renee and her team have great insight when consulting on the family dynamics with children. The biggest impact was her noticing my son’s unique needs; she planted the seed, and this started a journey into understanding my child. I truly did not know what was really happening within his mind and body. We are now on the right path. Lori Working Mother of Two
With Child in Bloom, I’ve bought an apple tree, whereas before I was buying an individual apple. Now I have the tools, and the confidence to make the hard parenting choices. I now know it’s okay to be firm, and REALLY mean it while being kind. Stay at home Mother of Two who used to use the Attachment Parenting Approach
We love Child in Bloom! We have been having a coach come to our home for one on one sessions since the Spring! It has all been a great experience! They noticed that my son has specialized needs that contribute to his behaviors. Our coach has helped with behavior problems and OT helps with sensory issues. I finally am getting help and not going to crazy! We are so much better with this Child in Bloom support! He is a completely different kid. We have hosted a parenting party at our home and we just signed up for the couples’ workshop which meets four times this fall. It’s so nice to be on the same page with your partner. Carol Mother of preschooler and toddler
Child in Bloom has taught me that there are numerous ways to approach the difficulties that parents face while raising children, whatever they may be: sleep, behavior, eating, etc. Every relationship between a child and a parent is different and every child has his or her unique challenges. Our Child in Bloom coach is excellent at providing the tools to help you determine and apply the methods that will work best for you and your family. It is not a one size fits all approach. Instead, Child in Bloom coaches tailor their guidance to meet your family’s needs and they set you up for success. Of course there will always be bumps along the way as children age and move through different developmental stages but, they give you concrete tools to help manage the challenging times. Our coach also helped put me at ease with trying not to be the perfect parent and, once that pressure was off, it became more about enjoying my family, even during the more difficult moments. They have been instrumental in my growth and ability as a parent and I highly recommend Child in Bloom for your family. Jenny Mother of Preschooler and new baby boy
This presentation really was fabulous!! The content was thorough and to the point. You gave us so many practical tools and the theories behind them. Thank you so much for sharing your time, passion, experiences and expertise. Thank you so much for sharing your time-tested wisdom with our group! I hope we can work together again! Greta Schraer of Cincy Nanny

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