Parent Coaching

Renee offers the Following Supports for Parents:

  • Private Parent Coaching and Support offered Virtually or In Person
  • Book Talks You choose the book and the friends you would like to share it with- Renee takes the Lead
  • Book Talks- Renee chooses the book you join in the fun and learning!
  • Parenting Workshops and Presentations for Churches, Synagogues, Moms Groups and Schools
  • Parenting Parties- host Renee to come to your home or setting and share the support and cost with friends!
  • Work Life Balance Parenting Sessions host Renee at your place of work so she can help working parents gain the support they need.


  • PAUSITIVE Behavior Supports
  • ABC’s of Behavior (What to do Before During and After Behaviors)
  • Little Kids Great Big Emotions
  • Sharpening Executive Function Skills
  • Sibling Rivalry and Social Skill Development
  • Parenting through the Ages and Stages… Toddler to Teen and every Transition in Between



First Session- Get on the Same Page with your Parenting!  – 2 hour Parent Only Session

Renee will share an overview of best practices in  Pausitive Parenting Approaches

Renee will help you Problem Solve around your child’s specific needs.

Second Session On the Spot Support- 2 hour Family Session in person (“Super Nanny Style” visit to your home).

Renee will model Pausitive Parenting Approaches on the spot

Renee can see your family in action and give positive and productive feedback on the spot and share more best practices

Backpocket Sessions Scheduled at an hourly rate after the first or second session.

These are as needed or scheduled regularly until parents feel like they are on track and can be completed via phone, zoom or in person.