This is our treasure chest .  It is a list of resources that we simply treasure.  If you were to visit our homes, you would find them on our bookshelf or bookmarked on our  computers.  If you are working with us, we will constantly refer to these resources because they support our own perspectives on parenting.   We hope that you find them to be excellent resources and that you will refer to them again and again as you work through your child’s growing years.   We are always open to suggestions for new additions to our list, and so if you find something that is wonderful yet missing please let us know and we will try to link it to my list.


How to Rock Your Baby: And Other Timeless Tips for Modern Moms

Parenting with Purpose

The Out of Sync Child has Fun

Raising an In Sync Child

Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline the first three years

A must have for a growing family.  Ideas on how to set your family straight from the beginning.   A great baby shower gift again!

Positive Discipline for Preschoolers

Love and Logic

Your Child’s Growing Mind

This is one of my favorites as it helps teachers and parents understand the development of thinking skills in children and how every child is unique in their growth and abilities.

Siblings without  Rivalry

This book gives parents perspective on how sibling rivalry may have affected their own life, and also how it might be affecting their childrens’ relationships with each other.  Great tools and tips provided.

Your Baby and Child

A MUST HAVE for all first time parents… great baby shower gift!

The Happiest Baby on the Block

The Happiest Toddler on the Block


Interrupting Chicken

Would I Trade My Parents