Child in Bloom


Experience the Child in Bloom approach. We start with what is working in terms of your parenting and teaching and then design a plan to help you add positive behavior and learning supports.

Through conversation and observation, we establish goals and a plan for parenting or teaching success.

Specific Services:

  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Teacher & Leadership  Coaching for Professional Development
  • One on one coaching for parents including in-home observations
  • Large and Small Group Presentations for Parents
  • Parenting Retreats and Parties
  • Book Talks for Teachers and Parents
  • Support for Parents during IEP Process
  • Tutoring Support for Children: Academic (Math, Reading, Writing, & Social/Emotional Skills) ($60 p/hr)

RATES for Teaching Professional Development:

Contact Renee for a list of programs and for help in designing a purchase order that compliments your specific school needs. 

Topics for Teacher Training:

PBIS: Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

Executive Function Supports

Critical Thinking Supports

Intervention Team Design and Process

Trauma Informed Supports for All Learners

RATES for Parent Coaching…

Contact us to find out more details and rates of service. Please do not let finances hold you back from getting the support you need.  We are very willing to make a plan that works within your budget.

Initial online consult ($300 )  training, personalized action plan.

Initial in-home observation ($300) includes: training on the spot, observation of home/family life, family meeting and/or personalized action plan

Online Follow Up Appointments ($100 per hour)  includes: phone or online support after the family has received an initial consult or observation.

Personalized Write Up with links to Resources:  Most of the time, our clients take great notes, and if we meet in person, Renee will take notes and give you a copy on the spot, but if you want a full write up for your own use or for a school meeting, the rate will be ($100)  per write up.

Support for Parents During IEP and Remediation Process at School (rates based on amount of support)

  • Support reading, translating and understanding documents (Accommodation Plans, 504s, ETRs, IEPs),
  • Parent to parent support in school meetings to serve as a translator of the processes

Parenting TOPICS:

Speaking Fees:  determined by group/size/corporate or non-profit status (Please call for rates and to determine a plan for programming)

Speaking Topics

Overview of Child in Bloom

Look into the various styles of parenting from authoritarian and bossy to permissive and polite and learn how to live Blissfully with your parenting making it balanced, controlled and a garden of all good choice making. Parents will take away some specific tools and ideas that work. Learn what it takes to have children and parents who bloom. Parents will also learn how to peg the behaviors that they want to vanish and begin a process to teach model and practice replacement and new behaviors.

The Child in Bloom Toolbox

Learn several specific tools that teachers use all the time in their class settings and begin to transfer these good ideas to your home life. You will walk away with many ideas and an action plan to implement the ones that make the ones that make the most sense in your life right away.

Remote Control Kids

Help your child and yourself regulate by using the visual reminders straight from your remote control… Fast Forward, Rewind, and more tips and tools to help parents learn to regulate their responses and model and expect this kind of regulation from their children as well.

The ABC’s and Science of Parenting

If you’ve been trying to change a child’s behavior without success you will be glad to know that there is actually a science to behavior and with a little knowledge you can begin to see big changes…Learn what are the most common causes of behavior, what you can do before and afterward to change the behavior.

Little Kids with Great Big Emotions

Parents will learn how to help their child regulate their emotions, read other people’s expressions, and decide upon socially appropriate ways to express and deal with their emotions. We will talk about all those things that get kids all emotional… siblings, friendships, transitions, and overwhelming senses.

Social Skills and Sibling Rivalry

In this talk,we will discuss great books and ideas on how parents can get brothers and sisters and their friends to get along and to focus on the love instead of the hate in their love/hate relationships.

The Tech Effect

We will talk about play and move beyond screen time to get our kids out there experiencing their world. We will discuss how to set rules around technology and boundaries around our own model for using tech so that our children know we are always” present” in our parenting. We will also cover parts of a great book we love called The Big Disconnect and discuss how tech is changing our families…

Development… Ages and Stages:

Learn about the best resources out there for parents on their young child’s developing mind and body. We will compare toddlers to tweens and everything in between and we will talk about developmentally appropriate parenting practices across the developmental timelines.

Organizing Play Spaces for Positive Behavior Support

We will pass on everything great teachers know about setting up organized and engaging play spaces. Then, we will share behavior guidelines needed to help support the play.


Learn specific strategies on how to shift kids from event to event and task to task without whining, tantrums, and all-out brawls.

Social Skills

How do we get along with friends, make friends and keep friends… We will work on teachable lessons for kids on friendship and all the things we assume they know but don’t.

Preschool Behaviors

We will discuss what is typical for Toddlers to PreK kids and how teachers and parents can set up learning situations that foster positive behaviors at home and school.

Best Books for Parents Part 1

We will focus on some of the greatest most popular parenting books out there. Parents don’t need to read the books just listen and chime into the discussion as the Child in Bloom coach summarizes the best parts and connects it all back to what we already know about Children in Bloom.

Best Books for Parents Part 2

There are so many great books out there for parents but if you read them all you might get overwhelmed… We will help you weed through the best of the best one more time with this talk and you’ll walk away ready to decide which one really matches your needs and parenting style.

Best Children’s Books to Support Positive Behaviors

We will share over 60 of the best picture books for kids in this talk… You’ll walk away with multiple lists of books on feelings, friendships, and everything else that stands in the way of good choice making. You will learn how to use books to support your parenting.

Coaching Rec Coaches on how to get teams to behave

Coaches will walk away with real tips and tools to help you teach, model, and practice sporting skills. When it comes to making good choices on the field or court your team will be heads above the rest because you first taught them how to behave!

What’s all the fuss? Special Needs, Sensory, ADHD, Dyslexia, and More

This conversation helps parents dig through all the buzz out there on meeting children’s special needs. You will not only find out about specific learning and behavior needs but the hoops you might need to jump through to get your child services and support.

Who Uses Child in Bloom Coaching:

Schools: training and supporting through observation and consultation

Families: coaching & observing in your home (including families who have special needs or are gifted)

Churches: designing programs and supports for families

Businesses: offering programs for lunch and learns and work balance supports

Child Care Providers: training and supporting through observation and consultation

Single Parents: offering a second perspective and channel of support

Divorced Couples: syncing up your parenting between two homes, observing and teaching in your home

Grandparents: offering support and guidance as to how to help your adult children and their children

Home School Parents:  offering training & support in your homeschool setting (education and behavior)

Families from Outside the Midwest Area: phone coaching and possible in-person visits

Pediatricians: offering training for physicians, programs for families & info to refer patients to CIB

Moms’ Groups: offering talks and presentations in large and small group formats

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