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tech effect
Get a Handle on Technology in your Family Life

When you look through your child’s Holiday Wish List, do you see mostly technology toys? DVD’s Video Games Gaming Systems Tablets Laptops Phones itunes gift cards Cameras Adding in more technology may end up subtracting more from your family time. Don’t let technology rob your family of crucial teachable, positive growth moments that involve people […]

the connected child
All They Need is Love through Power and Attention

There are two things that children are usually looking for when they display inappropriate behaviors… Power and Attention The authors of the book The Connected Child do a wonderful job of describing healing and helpful ways to connect to your children.  They designed the book with adoptive children in mind, but their great ideas can […]

That Darn Purple Dinosaur and his Clean Up Song

What is it with that song? … You know the one… Clean Up Clean Up Everybody Everywhere… Clean Up Clean Up… Everybody do your share… That song haunts me sometimes when I least expect it.  Yes, my kids (especially my older kids) loved that Purple Dinosaur and his songs stuck with them and much to […]

Taking Care of Your Tiny Humans…

It’s hard to instill a moral compass in our kids’ lives when we follow what the world values.  And what does the world value? Humans Having….. or …. Humans Being? Having Lots of Friends …or… Being a Friend to Many? Having the Championship Trophy… or… Being a Good Sport? Having the next Best Thing…or… Being Satisfied with what […]

youre hired
You’re Hired!

In one of my latest one on one coaching sessions, we were dealing with a little guy who wanted lots of attention and power around his house. Mom and dad were feeding the attention that was negative and it kept repeating until they shifted their attention on catching him being good. Yeah!!! Mom and Dad!!! […]

christmas rabbit
A Constant Mess…

A friend of ours is a writer.  He is doing a piece on Love and asked Toby and I to contribute our own perspectives on: What is Love?  Getting this question posed to us at this season of Christmas has been a true blessing because it has allowed us to see the connections between the […]

The Big Little Moments of our Day

Why is it that smallest parts of our day lead to the BIGGEST MELTDOWNS? Moving from bed to getting dressed Moving from breakfast to packing up back packs Moving from car to preschool drop off Moving from tv off to homework time Moving from playtime in the backyard to dinner…. Where is your BIGGEST MELTDOWN? It is very likely […]

Too Much Talking
Talk Talk

We spend so much time talking to our kids.   Lecturing them about why bonking their brother over the head with a block is not a good idea. Debating with them about whether 8:00 PM  is too late for another snack. Giving them a spiel on how to be polite at Grandma’s house Completing a discourse on […]